A+ AUTOMOTIVE/ STURTEVANT WI Posted by wkntilim99 03/10/2010

"Chris has been working on my car for more then 11 years, and I was very happy to find out he was opening his own shop!! If you are looking for a dependable mechanic who is honest and gets the job done right the first time, come talk to Chris at A+ Automotive!! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!"

A+ SAVED MY LIFE Posted by esnarski5541 02/24/2010

"I have never in my LIFE has such an exquisite service at such a great cost!!! The problem was taken care of the following week in a matter of hours!!! My car runs with such ease now! Chris and his staff have a new loyal customer, I would recommend A+ Automotive to everyone :) "

AWESOME! Posted by Serna22 02/24/20140

" Chris did a remarkable job in servicing my car and would gladly take my truck and any other vehicle to him for work. I would also recommend my friends, As well as my Family members to A+ Automotive."

HONEST Posted by deedledee69 02/24/2010

"I will drive back to A+ automotive to have him repair the rest of my problems. i do live in Illinois so it's a little bit of a drive, But I felt so comfortable with how I was treated that I will continue to have A+ do all of my services and future repairs."